InSight Medical’s Principals

InSight Medical’s Principals

We are proud to represent some of the most innovative and forward-thinking MedTech Manufacturers & Health IT Developers operating today.

Our clients include:

  • Small to mid-size MedTech Manufacturers or Health IT Developers wanting to enter into the booming MENA region / markets.
  • Large healthcare companies wanting to assess or evaluate opportunities before committing huge internal resources.
  • Healthcare start-ups with market ready products looking for commercial expertise, so that to understand the pathways to a successful commercialization.

InSight Medical’s goal is to motivate your ‘Channel Partners’ to perform and drive revenue, rather than having you wait for their orders to come in!

After all, the true value of any Principal company is measured by the scale of its partnerships.


InSight Medical is the MENA Regional Exclusive Distributor for:


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